Videopoker "All American"

"Video Poker" - is a game in which you need to collect cards corresponding to the one of the winning combinations. There are many varieties of "Video Poker", one of them - "All American". 

Video poker "All American" - is a game to collect one of the nine poker combinations. The game is played with a 52-card deck, four suits from "deuce" to "ace". At the same time, you can play with 1, 3, 5, 10, 52 and 100 decks, each deck is extra paid. The player winning depends on what combination player has been collected and paid in accordance with the "Payout Table". For each playing deck is available a maximum one winning combination. The game also has the accumulative "Jackpot". 

Winning combinations 

Description of the win combination Payment
Royal Flush Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 of the same suit 800
Straight Flush A sequence of five cards of the same suit 200
Four of a kind Four cards of the same rank and one side card 32
Full House Three cards of the same rank and two of another 8
Flush Five cards of the same suit, not in sequence 8
Straight A sequence of five cards of different suits 7
Three Three cards of the same rank and two side cards 3
Two pairs Two pairs of cards of the same rank 1
Jacks or better Pair of cards of the same rank not less then Jack 1

Game play 

The player chooses the number of coins and the number of playing hands (each playing hand is extra paid). Presses the "Deal" and get five cards for each playing hand, for each hand will be dealt same sequence of cards. The first (primary) hand counting 5 cards, at the bottom of the screen and they are larger than others. 

After analysing the cards dealt, the player decides which cards to hold (lock), and which to change in order to enhance the available combinations. 

The player can lock from one to five cards only on the first (primary) hand, pressing on them, herewith automatically lock the cards with the same sequence numbers on all playing hands. For example, if you lock the first card on the first (primary) hand, it automatically locks the first cards on all playing hands. On all locked cards will appear red bar in the lower right corner of the card. 

In case of dealing cards on the first (primary) hand a winning combination falls, these cards and the cards under the same sequence numbers on the other playing hands will be marked with red bar and automatically hold. 

To cancel hold of one or another card, click on the card on the first (primary) hand that needs to be changed and the red bar will disappear on the cards with the same sequence number on all playing hands. 

When necessary cards are chosen, the player presses the "Change" and the machine will change the not fixed cards on all hands. Some random cards will be dealt instead of unfixed cards for each hand. 

In case of winning combinations fall, the cards included in winning combinations and the names of these combinations are highlighted in the pay table. In this case the winning amount is displayed in the information window in the lower right corner and in the center of the screen to the right of the inscription "Jackpot". 

Game of odds 

In case of a winning fallen, player is offered a game of odds (the button "DOUBLE") or start a new game (button "COLLECT"). In game of odds are displayed four cards face down and one opened card of the dealer. In order to increase your winnings double the player must choose a card that is more than the dealer's card, the only exception is "Deuce" and "Ace" - deuces in the game of odds are above aces. If the player's card is less than the dealer's card, the player loses all winnings and game of odds stop. If the dealer and the player has the same cards and they are <= 8, the player loses all winnings, if the dealer and the player has the same cards and they are >= 9, the player winnings will be doubled. In the game of odds you can increase winnings till three times and after each stage the player can stop and take the winnings by pressing the "COLLECT" button. 

Accumulative Jackpot 

In the central part of the screen displays the current amount of accumulative "Jackpot". All players who are playing for real money involved in accumulation of "Jackpot". From each real money bet is 1% to the jackpot. In order to participate in the drawing accumulative "Jackpot", you have to play for real money. In order to win the "Jackpot", you must play with the maximum bet "Five coins" and should fall winning combination "Royal Flush" on the main (first) hand. The minimum guaranteed amount of "Jackpot" – 625$. 

Exit game 

To exit a game it is necessary to click on the "Exit Game" button.

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