Videopoker "Joker and Deuces" 

"Videopoker" - is a game in which you have to collect cards, appropriate to one of the winning combinations. It is possible to change one time any number of cards. There are many types of "videopoker", one of them - "Joker and Deuces". 

Videopoker "Joker and Deuces" - is a game aimed to collect one of thirteen poker combinations. The 53 cards deck of 4 suits from "deuce" to "Ace" and "Joker". The players winning depends on what combination player has collected and paid in accordance with the "payment table".The "Deuces" can replace any card for maximum combination. 

Winning combinations

Win combinations Description of the win combination Payment rates
Four deuces and
Four deuces and Joker 2000
Royal Flush Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 of the same suit 800
Four deuces Four deuces 25
Wild Royal Flush Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 of the same suit and one of
Five of a kind Quad and Joker 9
Straight Flush Five cards of the same suit in order of seniority 5
Four of a kind Four cards of the same rank and one side card 3
Full House Three cards of the same rank and two of another 3
Flush Five cards of the same suit, not in sequence 3
Straight The five cards sequence of different suits 2
Three of a kind Tree cards of the same rank and two side cards 1

The combination of "Four Deuces and Joker" is paid only when you play with maximum bet of 5$, when playing with another bet, this combination is paid as "Four Deuces". 

Run of play

Making a bet, the player clicks on the "Deal", and gets the card. After analysing the dealt cards, the player must decide which cards to hold (fix), and which to change in order to strengthen his combination. For example, if the fallen cards complete a winning combination or some part of it, they should be kept, so the probability of winning increases. To hold (fix) the card you need to click on the card or on the button "HOLD" under the card. In this case, you will see the inscription "Hold". In the case, when the deal, drop out a winning combination or a pair of cards, these cards will have meaning "Hold" automatically. To cancel the hold of a card, click on the button "Hold" or click on the card. When the necessary cards are chosen, the player presses the "Replace" and the machine changes the uncommitted card. If drop out winning combination, the win limits depend on the combination and the combination and the win limits are highlighted in the wins table in the top of the machine. In this case winnings amount is displayed in the information window at the bottom right, depending on the bet.

Game of odds

If dropped out any winning player is invited to a game of odds (button "DOUBLE") or start a new game (button "COLLECT"). The game of odds displayed a deck of cards face down. 

The player can increase his winnings in two and / or four times on his own: 

1. In two times a player can increase the current winnings by guessing the color of the card, pressing the "red" or "black". 

2. In four times a player can increase the current winnings by guessing the suit of the card by pressing the button corresponding to the four suits. 

If a player did not guess color or suit of a card, he loses all winnings and the game of odds is stopped. In the game of odds you can increase the winning up to three times and after each stage the player can stop and collect winning by clicking on "COLLECT". 

Exit game

To leave the game, please click on the "Exit game."

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