Holdem Foldem Poker – is an online version of Casino Hold'em which is intended for a playing against the casino. Actually, the opponent of a client is supposedly the same player as he is but it’s clear that he is not real. Moreover, you can choose one of the characters. The game is in the format of one-on-one. 
It is used standard 52-cards deck without jokers. It is played usual poker combinations. Their comparing occurs on the classical principles also.
The purpose of game is to defeat the opponent by collecting stronger five cards combination than he has, from two pocket and five general cards. The process of game consists of classical steps where you can discard cards or make a bet of fixed size. The decision is taken by a player in every round.
If both players reach the end of dealing, it will happen comparing of their cards. After that the owner of stronger combination will take all pot exceeding twice the size of own bet as there’re fixed bet limits.
Range of bets can be from 0.2$ to 500$. This is a step on which you have to raise at each stage.

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