Poker "Red Dog" 

"Red Dog" poker is a card game with one playing mode: 

Private - only one player per table versus the dealer. 

The game is played with six 52 cards decks, four suits from deuce to ace. All 6 decks form the shoe ("big deck"), which consists of 312 cards. Every new round starts with a new shoe of 312 cards. The highest-ranking card of the suite is the ace, the lowest-ranking card is the deuce. The suits don't play any role. 

"Bet" field

Before the cards are dealt, the player makes a bet on the box labeled "Bet". The bet must be within a certain rank. Both the minimum and the maximum bets are specified on the table. To cancel an existing bet on any box, the player should select the chip with the cross symbol ("X") and click on the bet he/she wishes to cancel. A player may play on one box, located in the middle. 

Cards dealt and game play

The dealer deals two cards face up with the free place for the third card between them. After it, he counts the difference between the cards by showing the game situation in the "PAYTABLE". 


The difference between cards is determined by their value. For example, Eights, Sevens, and Eights can be placed between Five and Nine. These cards make the difference. There is a difference, formed by at least one card, between the cards, the player decides whether he wants to play with the initial bet placed ("Call" button), or with the double bet ("Double" button). 

The player cannot surrender. If the third card's value is between the values of the other cards, and it is not equal to them, the player is paid according to the "PAYTABLE". Otherwise the dealer wins and the player loses his bets. 


It's possible to have a draw when the first and second card goes in order. Jack and Queen as example. When there is such a combination, it's a "Tie", and the player gets his bet back. If the cards equal (two Kings, for example), the third card is given immediately. If the third card equals to the others the player gets paid 11:1. Otherwise, it's a "Tie". The bet is returned to player. 

Game end

When the game is over, to clear all the bets and the cards from the table it is necessary to click on the "New Game" button. After this, the player may lay out his/her chips in the boxes or click on the "Rebet" button to play with the same bet as in the last game. After the bet has been placed, the player may click on the "Clear Bet" button to clear the bet or click on the "Deal" button to start the game. 


The payout depends on the cards difference: 

3 cards of the same value - 11:1 payout 

1 card difference - 5:1 payout 

2 cards difference - 4:1 payout 

3 cards difference - 2:1 payout 

4 cards difference and more - 1:1 payout. 

Cancelling a game or continuing a game

To cancel a game it is necessary to click on the "Exit Game" button. 

In the case of network failures or any other problems, which result in a disconnection, your game will be restored. Every bet will be saved and in the case of an unfinished game, the player will get a chance to finish it, when you log in again. Continuing an interrupted game is only possible within 3,5 minutes after disconnect.

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