"Roulette" — is a table game, which aims to guess sector of the roulette wheel where the ball will stop after the completion of the roulette wheel rotation. 

There are many varieties of "Roulette", one of them - "Roulette Multiwheel" 

"Roulette Multiwheel" — is a table game in which there are two game modes: 

1. Private - at the one table playing only one player. 

2. Public - at the one table can play from 1 to 4 players. 

Players who have just come to the table can watch the game, they can become players by clicking on "Sit", provided that the box is free. 

A distinctive feature of the "Roulette Multiwheel" is that roulette consists of the 5 playing wheels, and the game is played on all 5 wheels simultaneously. At each roulette wheel and on the playing field, applied 38 numbers from 0 to 36 and additional number double zero (00), so you can bet on 38 numbers. 

Bets and game play

To place a bet, you must select the necessary game pieces nominal value and click on the selected combination on the game board. 

Places that bet covers are highlighted. Thus, placed bet is evenly distributed to all 5 wheels. For example, the player bet 5$ on the number 7, it means that was made 5 bets with 1 $ on each of the 5-roulette wheels on number 7. 

In one game you can make an unlimited number of bets, but within the limits of the amount at player account and the established limits of bets for the selected table. To cancel all bets you made, please click on the "Clear". To cancel some bets, you need to select the game piece with the image of the cross ("X") and to click on the bet you want to cancel. The player make bets and spins five roulette wheels by pressing the "Rotate" or waiting for the automatic start of the wheel (every 60 sec.), which is exists for a public game modes only. 

Game end

After completion of rotation and the ball dropped out on the field is set five markers, which correspond to the dropped numbers on the roulette wheels. 

After that counts the total winnings of player according to all bets, depending on whether the numbers were dropped and which bets were made by the player. 

After the game ends, the player can click on the "New game" to clear the table and to do the new bets or wait until the bets will disappear themselves from the table. After this will be available "Repeat" button, clicking on which a player can play on the same combinations and the same bet amount as in the previous game. After bets are placed a player can press the "Clear" button to remove all bets or click on the "Spin" to start the game. 

Winning Combinations

There are many types of bets, where the gain depends on the bet size. 

Here are descriptions of winning combinations and payout:

Description of the win combination Payment
Straight Betting on one number 35
Split Betting on two numbers 17
Street Betting on a cross row (three numbers) 11
Corner Betting on four numbers 8
Five-line Betting on five numbers 6
Six-line Betting on two cross rows (six numbers) 5
Column Betting on a column 2
Dozen Betting on a dozen 2
1-18/19-36 Betting on 1-18 (small) or 19-36 (big) 1
Even/Odd Betting on even or odd 1
Red/Black Betting on red or black 1

Betting Limits 

Each room has its own minimum and maximum bets that a player can do on the game board. Below are the limits of these bets for all rooms. 

Betting limits for the relevant tables (min / max in $):

Bet Type Minimum hall Classic hall VIP
Min Max Min Max Min Max
Straight 0,05 0,5 0,5 25 5 250
Split 0,05 1 0,5 50 5 500
Street 0,05 1,5 0,5 75 5 750
Corner 0,05 2 0,5 100 5 1000
Five-line 0,05 2,5 0,5 125 5 1250
Six-line 0,05 3 0,5 150 5 1500
Column 0,05 5 0,5 500 5 5000
Dozen 0,05 5 0,5 500 5 5000
1-18/19-36 0,05 10 0,5 1000 5 10000
Even/Odd 0,05 10 0,5 1000 5 10000
Red/Black 0,05 10 0,5 1000 5 10000

Exit Game 

To exit a game it is necessary to click on the «Exit Game» button.

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