Slot machine "Amber" 

Five-reel slot machine with a bonus game, the accumulative jackpot and game of odds. For each of five reels applied 40 characters. Each reel spins independently of the others. The player can choose from 1 to 20 lines, which will be in game. Select the line by pressing the corresponding buttons: "1 LINE", "2 LINES", "3 LINES" .., "20 LINES", "ALL LINES". The total amount of the wager depends on the number of lines and the denomination of the chosen coin (pay line bet). 

Basic Game 

Once the coin value and number of pay lines are selected, press the “SPIN” button to set the reels in motion. The winnings will be counted after the reels have stopped and its amount will depend on winning combinations, if any, on the chosen lines, and on the amount of the bet. Combinations containing 3, 4 or 5 consecutively organized identical symbols PRESSED TO LEFT and on the chosen line are win. The payout total is the wager multiplied by the payout coefficient. To view all winning combinations and coefficients of payouts you should click on the “PAYMENT TABLE” in the upper right corner. The total winnings on pay lines is determined by summing payments for each winning combination. After the reels stop all winning lines are highlighted one by one, but all the winning combinations that fall on these lines same time are highlighted in the «Payment table ». 


If on the pay line appears "Joker", it replaces any other symbol so that the payout on this line is maximized, but the symbol "Joker" does not transform into the symbols "Bonus" and "Scatter". Winnings is doubles if in combination will be symbol "Joker" and increase five times if in combination will be two or more symbols "Joker". If two or more symbols "Joker" are pressed to left, then they are paid as a separate combination by the payment table. If two or more symbols "Joker" are pressed to left and thus are a part of the another combinations, they will compare and will be paid for that combination which coefficient is higher, by the payment table. 

Accumulative Jackpot 

Above the reels displays the current amount of accumulative "Jackpot". All players, which playing for real money participates in the Jackpot accumulation. From the 0,1$ bet to amount of Jackpot adds 0,1c, from 0,2$ bet - 0,2c, from the 0,3$ bet - 0,3c. To participate in the Jackpot drawing you should play for real money with the maximum bet amount of 0,3$. After the maximum bet is selected, in the upper part of display will appear inscription “Jackpot is activated", it means that you are taking part in the drawing of the accumulative Jackpot. To win the Jackpot you should receive a combination of 5 “Joker” symbols. When the game is played for virtual money, bonuses or real money (with 0,1$ or 0,2$ bet), the win for the combination 5 “Joker” symbols, it is paid with a coefficient of 5000. The minimum guaranteed "Jackpot" amount is 1500$. 

Game of odds 

If on pay lines will be any winnings, players are offered a game of odds (press "DOUBLE") or start a new game (press "COLLECT"). In game of odds dice and three magic spheres are displayed. Choosing the first sphere, the player make a bet for points from two to six inclusive. Choosing the second sphere, the player make a bet for seven points. Choosing the third sphere, the player make a bet for points from eight to twelve inclusive. In the game of odds it is possible to double the winnings by choosing the first or third sphere, and to increase the winnings five times by choosing second sphere. If the dice do not comply with the magic sphere which was chosen, player loses all winnings in the main game (and a bonus, if such a game was) and a game of odds is stopped. In the game of odds you can increase the winnings five times and after each stage the player can stop and take winnings by pressing the "COLLECT". 

Bonus game "Amber" 

When two or three bonus symbols "Bonus" appear on reels, no matter on which lines was game and where were bonus symbols on the pay lines, bonus game "Amber" starts. Bonus game starts and 4 books spells are displayed on the screen. The book spells of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Choosing one of the books, the player can win from 1 to 4 points. Thus, the choice of any of the books is a winning. Then the player following the map goes to the ogre. You can defeat the ogre by reading a spell from one of the five scrolls of spells. Thus, the four spells in scroll are winning and one is losing. Following further the map, player meets a dragon, you can win by choosing the correct scroll of spells. Thus, the three spells in scroll are winning and two are losing. Defeating the dragon, the player moves using the map and goes to the sphinx guarding entrance to the lair of a monster. You can defeat the Sphinx by selecting the correct hieroglyph. Thus, the two hieroglyphs are winning and three are losing. Having defeated the Sphinx, the player enters the lair of a monster. Initially, the player has 100 units of life, the monster 200 units. Before the battle the player uses a protective potion and gets an additional +20 units, +25 units, +40 units, +70 units or +80 units to the live level. After that the Player uses an attacking spell, and makes damage to the monster -20 units, -25 units, -40 units, -70 units or -80 units from the monster living level. If during startup of bonus game, 3 symbols "Bonus" were selected, the total winnings of this game would be doubled. Who will have more live units will win in a fight. 

When bonus game finishes, you can either play a game of odds or start a new game. 


You can choose lines, define your bet and start an autoplay by pressing AUTOPLAY. Before starting, set the game stop terms. 

Autoplay terms: 

1. "STOP, WHEN WINNING >= ..."

2. "STOP, WHEN BALANCE >= ..."

3. "STOP, WHEN BALANCE <= ..."

These terms are only applicable to the basic part of the player account, not including bonuses. 

Exit Game 

To exit the game, click on the "Exit game" button.

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