"American Wheel of Fortune" - it is a game, which aims to guess at what sector will show a marker after the wheel rotation. 

At the wheel, consisting of 54 sectors, unevenly applied 7 different characters and as less frequently symbol can be seen, then greater the amount of possible winnings. 

Bets and Game play 

To place a bet, select the right chips denomination and click to select a character on the play table. During one game you can make an unlimited number of bets, the total amount of bets placed in one game can not exceed 100$ and can't be less than 1 $. To cancel all bets must click on the "CANCEL" button. To cancel part of bets you need to click on the red cross (X) next to the rate you want to cancel. 

The player bets and spins the wheel of fortune, by pressing "PLAY". 

After completion of the wheel rotation, a marker indicates the winning sector. If the player made the bet on the winning sectors, he will be awarded with the winnings in accordance with the payout ratio of the sector, the bets on the other sectors are loose. 

After the game end, the player can make new bets or click the "REPEAT" button in order to repeat the previous bet. 

Payment rates

Sector name Payment rates
Sector «X» 40:1
Sector «J» 40:1
Sector «20» 20:1
Sector «10» 10:1
Sector «5» 5:1
Sector «2»» 2:1
Sector «1» 1:1

Disable animation 

To disable the animation of wheel rotation you need to click on the wheel and then appears the inscription "ANIMATION OFF." Second click on the wheel enable animation. 

Exit game 

To exit a game it is necessary to click on the «Exit Game» button.

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