"The Big Wheel" - is a game, which aims to guess the winning number or sector, which will indicate the marker after the wheel stops. 

On the wheel applied 33 numbers in series - from 1 to 33, each number corresponds the one of the four colors. 

Game play 

To place a bet, you must select the necessary game pieces nominal value and click on one or more fields to bet on the game wheel. In one game you can make an unlimited number of bets, the total amount of bets in one game can not exceed 300$. 

To cancel all bets you made, please click on the "Clear". To cancel some bets, you need to select the game piece with the image of the cross ("X") and to click on the bet you want to cancel. The player make bets and spins the wheel by pressing the "PLAY". After the completion of the wheel rotation, the marker indicates the winning number. After that counts the total winnings of all player's bets, depending on which number was dropped and what bets were made by the player. 

After the game ends, the player can make new bets or press "Repeat" button in order to repeat the previous bet. 

Types of bets 

In the game there are several types of bets: 

A bet on number - to make a bet the player must click on one or more numbers on the wheel; 

A bet on group of numbers - the bets made on the following group of numbers: "1 to 11", "12 to 22", "23 to 33", by clicking on the corresponding sector in the central part of the wheel; 

A bet on color — the bets are made on color sectors: blue sector (numbers from 1 to 16), the yellow sector (numbers 17 to 25), purple sector (numbers 26 to 30), the red sector (numbers 31 to 33). To place a bet on the color on playing wheel you need to click on the arc between the bets on the numbers and the bets on a group of numbers. 

A bet on even / odd - the player must guess if the winning number will be the even or the odd. The bet is placed on the corresponding titles in the center of the wheel; 

Higher/ Lower - the player must guess what will be the next dropped out number relative to the previous one. To bet on the "higher" or "lower", the player must make at least one rotation of the wheel in the current session of the game, then in the center of the wheel will display the previous dropped out number. For the bet "Higher" the previous number must be from 3 to 32 inclusive. For bets "Lower" the previous number must be between 2 and 31 inclusive. 

Payment rates

Type of bets Payment rates
Number 30.2
1/3 of wheel 2.8
Blue Sector 1.9
Yellow sector 3.3
Purple sector 6.0
Red sector 10.0
Even 1.9
Odd 1.8
Higher / Lower The coefficient depends
on the previous number

Disable animation 

To disable the animation of wheel rotation you need to click on the inscription "ANIMATION ON." Second click on the inscription enable animation. 

Exit game 

To exit a game it is necessary to click on the «Exit Game» button.

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