Slot machine «Bingo Small» 

Nine-cell, eight-line slot machine. Each of nine cells spin independently. Each of nine cells has 40 symbols. 

Basic Game 

When the coin value is selected press the “PLAY” button to set the cells in motion. On the left and right sides viewed “PAYMENT TABLE”. If will be combination specified in this table, you will get winnings. The payout total is the wager multiplied by the payout coefficient. After stopping the cells, all winning combinations are highlighted in the payment table. 


If a symbol "Wild" appears on the pay line, it replaces another symbol, so that the payout on this line is maximized. The winnings will be doubled if in combination will be a symbol "Wild", will increase five times if in combination will be two symbols "Wild", and 3000 times if in combination will be three symbols "Wild". 


You can choose lines, define your bet and start an autoplay by pressing AUTOPLAY. Before starting, set the game stop terms. Autoplay terms: 

1. "STOP, WHEN WINNING >= ..." 

2. "STOP, WHEN BALANCE >= ..." 

3. "STOP, WHEN BALANCE <= ..." These terms are only applicable to the basic part of the player account, not including bonuses. 

Exit Game 

To exit the game, click on the "Exit game" button.

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