"Cards HiLo" – it is a game, which aims to guess what will be the following card: more or less than the previous one, red or black, what suit. The deck of 52 cards, four suits from "Deuce" to "Ace". The master card in the deck is "King”, the minor card is "Ace". The game consists of 8 rounds, for which prepared 9 cards. 

Types of bets

In the "Select your bet" on the left side of the screen displays the following types of bets: “Low" / "High“ - the chosen card will be less or more than the previous one. "Red" / "Black" - the chosen card will have the red or the black suit. 

"Clubs" / "Hearts" / "Diamonds" / “Spades” - the chosen card will have the appropriate suit. Also allowed bets on mixed events. For example, it is possible to bet same time on "Red" and "High" or "Low" and "Hearts", etc. (To bet on the card color and the card suit at the same time is forbidden). 

Game play 

The player selects the bet amount and clicks "DEAL" thereby opens the first card, from which will be carried out the comparison in the first round. You must select the type of bet, in the field "Possible win" will display the amount that the player will receive in the case if will win this round on this type of bet. Then the player chooses one of eight cards placed face down. If the player's bet is win, then he can take the current winning by clicking on the "COLLECT" or continue the game in the next round, choosing again the type of bet and opening one of the remaining cards placed face down. The bet amount is equal a winning in the previous round. The card will be compared with previous open card. 

If the player wins the 4th round, he gets an additional bonus of 5% from the winning in this round, if the player wins the 8th round, the size of the additional bonus is 10% from the winning in the given round. 

If a player did not guess the next card, his bet loses. 

If the compared cards have same rank and type of player bet is "Low" / "High", then counted loss. 

Exit game 

To exit a game it is necessary to click on the "Exit Game" button.

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