"Loto Slot" - is a game in which randomly fall seven numbers, each of which can take values from 1 to 7. 
The goal - to try to guess the maximum number of dropped numbers. Players winning depends on the amount of the bet and the number of matches with the dropped numbers. 
Also, the game has the accumulative "Jackpot".

Game play

In the bottom right corner of the screen the player chooses the amount of bet. In the center of the screen is a drum with 7 sleeves, next to each sleeve illustrated bullets with numbers. 
Use the arrow buttons to select the number on the bullets or press the "RANDOM CHOICE" in order the number of bullets will be randomly selected.

After selecting the bet size and the number on the bullets, the player spins the reel by pressing "PLAY". When the reel stops on the sleeves, which are on the reel, will fall randomly seven numbers. 
If between the numbers, that the player put (the numbers on the bullets) and the numbers dropped on the reel, there is one or more matches, so this is the winning combination and the Payout Table highlighted the number of matches and the players winnings, and on the reel are highlighted matched numbers.

After the game ends, the player can choose a new bet and /or the number on the bullets, or play with the previous bet and numbers on the bullets by pressing the "PLAY".

Winning rates

Number of matches Payout rates
7 matches 500
6 matches 250
5 matches 25
4 matches 8
3 matches 3,5
2 matches 2
1 matches 0,5

Accumulative "Jackpot"

When selecting maximum bet with real money in the payout table instead of the line "7 Matches" displays the "Jackpot" with the current amount of accumulative jackpot.
All players, who are playing for the real money, are involved in the replenishment of "Jackpot". From each real money bet in jackpot comes 2 %. To participate in the drawing of the accumulative "Jackpot" you need to play for real money. 
To win the "Jackpot", you must play with maximum bet 5$ and should drop a winning combination "7 Matches". The minimum guaranteed "Jackpot" amount is – 1000$.

Exit game

To exit a game it is necessary to click on the "Exit game" button.










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