Slot machine "Honey Bear" 

A five-reel slot machine with 1 bonus game, free spin games and a game of odds. Each of the five reels has 40 symbols. Reels spin independently. You can play 1 to 21 lines. You can choose pay lines by clicking on 1 LINE, ..., 20 LINES and ALL LINES. The total size of the wager depends on the number of lines and the denomination of the chosen coin (pay line bet). 

Basic game

Once the coin value and number of pay lines are selected press the 'Spin' button to set the reels in motion. The gain will be counted up after the reels have stopped. Its size will depend on winning combinations, if any, on the chosen lines, and on the size of the bet. Combinations containing 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutively organized identical symbols VIEWED LEFT TO RIGHT and on the chosen line win. The payout total is the wager multiplied by the payout coefficient. To view all payout combinations and coefficients, click on the 'PAYTABLE' to the right of the player icon. The total gain is actually a sum of all payouts. After the reels have stopped, all winning lines are lit up sequentially, and all winning combinations are lit up in the 'PAYTABLE'. 


If a joker appears on the pay line ("Joker" symbol), it is transformed into another symbol, so that the payout on this line is maximized, but the joker ("Joker" symbol) does not transform into the bonus symbol "Bonus" and free spin games symbol "Free". 

Game of odds

If a line wins, players are offered a game of odds (press 'DOUBLE') or start a new game (press 'Collect'). In the chance game a deck of cards face down is displayed. The player can increase his payout two or four times depending on his preference: 

1. The player can increase his win 2x, if he guesses the colour of the next card by pressing 'RED' or 'BLACK" buttons. 

2. The player can increase his win 4x, if he guesses the card suit by pressing the buttons referring to the four suits. 

If the player does not guess the color or the suit correctly, he loses all his payout in the running game (as well as the bonus game, if applicable) and the chance game is over. In the chance game it is possible to double the payout up to three times and after each stage the player may stop and take his payout by clicking the "Back" button. 

Extra win (Scatter)

When 2, 3, 4 or 5 'Scatter' symbols appear in any place on the display, regardless of their location on the screen and lines that have been selected, even if they are off pay lines, the player receives an additional payout in accordance with the paytable. 

Bonus game "Beekeeper"

When 3, 4 or 5 "Bonus" symbols appear at any place on the display, regardless of the lines that have been selected, even if they are off pay lines, trigger the "Beekeeper" bonus game. In case the bonus was initiated by 4 "Bonus" symbols, all bonus prizes will be doubled. If 5 "Bonus" symbols appear on the display, bonus prizes will be increased 4x. The first bonus display shows five different honey barrels. The player should pick the barrels one by one until a bumble bee flies out of a barrel. If all picked barrels contain honey the second bonus round begins. On the second bonus display there are two plates. One of them conceals the prize equalling to 50 total bets (total bet is the line bet multiplied by the lines quantity). If the player selects the plate with a bumble bee image, the bonus game ends, but the wins from the previous (first) round are saved. When bonus game finishes, you can either play a game of odds or start a new game. 

Free Spin Games

When three or more 'Free' symbols appear on the reels, regardless of their location on the screen and lines that have been selected, even if they are off pay lines, trigger an 'Apiary' mini-game. There are 40 hives on the bonus screen. After choosing one of the symbols, a sign with a number of free spins and their multiplier (the coefficient which the payout is multiplied with during the free spins) appears over it. The free spin games quantity and multipliers are summed up. The total payout during the free spin games is determined by adding all payouts for a winning combination multiplied by the multiplier. The total quantity of free spin games that can be won by the player ranks from 1 to 27. The possible multiplier that can be won, when 3 'Free' symbols appear, is from 1 to 11. If 4 'Free' symbols appear, is from 2 to 22. If 5 'Free' symbols appear, is from 4 to 44. Free spin games start one by one automatically without a pause and game of odds, and are played at the same lines and bets that have been selected when the 'Free' symbols appeared. These games are played free of charge, and no bets are deducted from the player's balance. 

If you have a bonus game, the series of free spin games continues after the bonus game is over. In this case the payout in the bonus game is not multiplied by the multiplier. 

If three or more 'Free' symbols appear during the free spin games, the 'Apiary' mini game starts and the first free spin games cycle will be played till the end and then followed by the second free spin games cycle. 


You can choose lines, define your bet and start an autoplay by pressing Autoplay. Before starting, set the game stop terms. 

Autoplay terms: 

1. "STOP, WHEN WINNING >= ..." 

2. "STOP, WHEN BALANCE >= ..." 

3. "STOP, WHEN BALANCE <= ..." 

These terms are only applicable to the basic part of the player account, not including bonuses. 

Exit Game

To exit the game, click on the "Exit Game" button.

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