Slot machine "The Professor"

Five-drum slot with bonus game "Laboratory", free spins, Sticky Wild and game of odds. For each of the five reels applied 40 characters. The each reel spins independently of the others. The player can choose from 1 to 9 paylines, which will be in game. The total bet of the player depends on the number of lines and the selected denomination of the coin.

Basic Game

Once the coin denomination and number of paylines are selected, press the “SPIN” button to set the reels in motion. The winnings will be counted after the reels have stopped and its amount will depend on winning combinations, if any, on the chosen lines, and on the amount of the bet on payline. Combinations containing 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutively organized identical symbols PRESSED TO LEFT and on the chosen payline are win. Payout for a winning combination is equal to the bet on a winning payline multiplied by the coefficient corresponding to the winning combination. To view all winning combinations and coefficients of payouts you should click on the “PAYOUT TABLE” in the right from Player icon. The total winning on paylines is determined by summing payments for each winning combination. After the reels stop all winning paylines are highlighted one by one, but all the winning combinations that fall on these paylines same time are highlighted in the “Payout table“.


If on payline falls symbol "Joker", it will replace any symbol to make payment on this payline the most big, but the character "Joker" is not a substitute symbol "Bonus", a symbol "Free" and the symbol "Scatter".

If on the chosen by player payline falls 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive character "Joker", PRESSED TO LEFT, then for these combinations also are specified winning coefficients in payment table, but can be paid only a large amount: for the combination of "jokers + symbols" or the combination of "just jokers".

Game of odds

If on paylines dropped a winning, it is possible to increase it in the game of odds (press "DOUBLE") or start a new game (press "COLLECT"). In game of odds offered to run a steam engine, guessing the number of formulas. The player can increase his winning in 4 times by choosing the string "One formula" or "Three formulas", in 2.5 times - choosing "Two formulas" and in 15 times if his choice will be "Four formulas" or "No correct formulas". If the player does not guess the number of formulas he lost all the winnings. To exit the game of odd need to click "COLLECT" or "EXIT".

Combination Scatter

If fall 2, 3, 4 or 5 characters "Scatter", anywhere on the screen, the player is paid an additional winning in accordance with the payout table.

Bonus game "Laboratory"

When fall 3, 4 or 5 bonus characters "Bonus", anywhere on the screen, the bonus game "Laboratory" starts. If the game is running with 4 characters "Bonus", then all the coefficients in the bonus game will be increased in 2 times, if with 5 characters – in 4 times.

After starting the bonus game the screen displays aquarium with a fish and five tablets. The player is invited to make an experiment with fish, choosing one of five tablets.

At the end of the bonus game, the player can play at the odds (button "DOUBLE") or start a new game (the button "COLLECT").

Free spins

When three, four or five characters "Free" appears in any place of screen, the player is given 10, 20 and 30 free spins respectively. If fall additional characters "Free" during the free spins, the number of rotations is not increased, but these characters become Sticky Wild.

Sticky Wild – all fallen characters "Free" during the free spins "stick" to the screen and a few next moves work as jokers. If free spins were launched by 3 characters "Free", then each fallen character "Free" will be Sticky Wild for next 3 spins. If by 4, then 4, if by 5, then 5 spins. When fall characters "Free" on the screen, where there is already a character Sticky Wild, the number of rotations, which will operate Sticky Wild, are added. At the end of the free spins all Sticky Wild disappear.

Total winning during free spins are calculated by summing the payments for each winning combination and displayed in the upper left corner.

Note: A combination of "Scatter" and the bonus game "Laboratory" work even if they are dropped on the screen, where there is already a character Sticky Wild + Player gets the winning from paylines, including a Sticky Wild. In all other cases, only the biggest combination is paid on the principle of a joker. Characters "Sticky Wild" do not substitute characters "Joker" to receive a winning combination on the payline of jokers only.


Choosing the number of paylines and bet per line, you can run the slot autoplay mode. To do this, click on the "AUTOPLAY" and before starting to specify the conditions under which autoplay mode will be stopped.

Autoplay settings:

1. "STOP, WHEN WINNING >= ..."

2. "STOP, WHEN BALANCE >= ..."

3. "STOP, WHEN BALANCE <= ..."

These terms are only applicable to the real part of the player account, not including bonuses.

Exit game

To exit a game it is necessary to click on the «Exit Game» button.

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