Slot machine "Legend of the castle" 

A one-reel slot machine. The reel has 13 symbols. On spinning the reel each player receives an individual series of 100 games that is renewed after termination of the current games or after the game is ended. 

Basic game

Once you enter the game, you will be offered to place your bet. You can increase the bet value by clicking the coins. You can cancel your bet by clicking the 'RESET' button or confirm the bet by clicking the 'OK' button. Once the bet is selected, click the "Spin" button to start the game. To start the game with a double bet click on the 'DOUBLE AND SPIN' button. Click 'RESTART' to cancel the current bet and set a new one. There are both 'Lose' and 'Win' symbols on the reel. If the 'Lose' symbol appears on the reel, your bet is lost. If the 'Win' symbol appears on the reel, you receive the win equal to the doubled bet. The series of the played games are shown in the 'PAYTABLE' to the right side from the reels. The maximum possible bet in the game is 5000$. If your bet exceeds 2500$, then the 'DOUBLE AND PLAY' button will not be activated. 

Exit Game

To exit the game, click on the "Exit Game" button.

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